Redspencer : Perks


It’s fitting that Redspencer’s debut album Perks arrives right on the cusp of summer, evoking the warmth and haziness of the season in effortless fashion. Beyond their shimmering guitar pop is an exploration of existential themes that come together to create an album of great depth.
On opening track G-Talk, Dave McMillan’s laconic vocals sing of “smoking durries and sinking a little beer” while reflecting on mortality with a surprising amount of poignancy. Hard Work opens with a punchy guitar that gives the band a compelling new dynamic of mystery and intrigue. Interlude follows, marrying a puzzling sound bite with a bubbling synth. While it makes for an interesting listen, the track ultimately disrupts the natural flow of the album.
Perks is a sleepy number thatglides at a relaxed pace but has enough masterful guitar work to keep you pegged. Once you get to the dreamy vocalization at the track’s end it becomes near impossible not to be fully attentive. Petrol chronicles teenage boredom with an assured intensity, while Ride It Out possesses the strongest hook of the album.
Perks has a quiet confidence but the sound never quite strays out of the band’s comfort zone. While it might not break any new ground, the album certainly charms.
By Holly Pereira