Record Store Day : Greville Records

What have you got planned in store for Record Store Day 2017? It’s going to be a crazy day.  We’ll have musicians performing including Cash Savage. We’ll have signed LPs from a bunch of artists including Kurt Vile, Spiderbait and Teskey Brothers. We’ll have bins of reduced price records.  And we’ll have as many of the RSD special releases as we can get our hands on.
Why do you think having a dedicated Record Store Day is important? In our minds, every day is record store day.  However, a special day that helps people focus on and appreciate record stores isn’t a bad thing.
Is there a rare record you’ve been hunting down, or keeping an eye out for?
Warwick – I wouldn’t mind owning the 1939 Robert Johnson Preaching Blues/Love In Vain Blues 78.
Steve – Will Shatter from Flipper had a band called A3I (Any Three Initials) that recorded an album called Ruins Of America.  The record never made it past test pressing stage.  I’d kill to own that.
Bruce – I would be happy just to hold a copy of Randy Alvey’s Green Fuz before I die.
What sets your store apart or is a point of difference, in contrast to other stores? Greville Records has been around a long time – in two years we’ll celebrate our 40th birthday. And the three of us – Steve, Warwick and Bruce – have decades of experience and knowledge. We’re still obsessive music nuts and our store is designed for record lovers who want to share that.