Record Store Day : Basement Discs

What have you got planned in store for Record Store Day 2017? We have been celebrating RSD for ten years and as usual we will have a huge party in the basement. We have an amazing lineup of talented musicians from most genres, reflecting the diversity of music that we stock and promote.
Why do you think having a dedicated Record Store Day is important? Having one day a year that focuses specifically on bricks and mortar stores and shining a light on the indie stores who fight the good fight, day in day out, promoting local and international artists and showing their passion has to be a good thing.
When did you first become a record collector and what was your first purchase? Having an older brother and sister who were both passionate about music and very knowledgeable and up to date meant I was exposed to all kinds of wonderful artists from a very early age. My first LP purchase with my own money at age 14 – Nina Simone’s Here Comes The Sun and it remains one of my all-time favourites.
What sets your store apart from other stores? It’s a combination of things – we have a very warm and welcoming space, our range is broad but lovingly and carefully “curated”, our instores are very highly regarded by both musicians and customers. We truly love what we do and the opportunity to share our passion for music.