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Reckless Vagina : Dollarhyde/Hit & Miss

Oh but how I have longed for a band named Reckless Vagina. A band wholly populated by guys, no less. How wicked rebellious they must be. The real mystery is not how they happened upon such a naff and professionally inhibiting title, actually, but what they have in common with Augie March, Arcade Fire, Mogwai, U2 and Pulp - all cited in their press release. Their mangy, lo-fi garage punk - one note, but pretty awesome - has more in common with Black Lips, Wavves and Jay Reatard than any of those bands. And anyways, aren't those much hipper associations for a band named Reckless Vagina? Sure they are. This band is taking the piss, clearly. And no one takes the piss around here but me. Five stars.