Real Estate : In Mind


Real Estate have a neat little niche carved for themselves, which they continue to serve up with latest release In Mind.
Despite a change in the band’s lineup, Real Estate are not looking to completely reinvent themselves. They rarely deviate from their classic recipe of folksy harmonies and guitars with a breezy kind of sadness, and it’s impossible to deny they do that exceptionally well
Serve The Song is a standout track, with an interesting flavour combination of a catchy, sing-song chorus and simple structure building to swirling solo display of some of Lynch’s best work on the album. Lyrically, Courtney toes a thin line. His melancholic angst is an anthem for an introvert, and at its best, absolutely beautiful, but a mere slip away, that introspection and attention to the mundane detail is a grinding lament.
In Mind showcases similar vibes to that of predecessor Atlas, though at times the sameness of the tracks does take away from it becoming truly captivating listening. Dedicated fans of Real Estate will rejoice, as the new band lineup has clearly not had an adverse impact on their overall sound.
By Kokomo Joe