Rat Boy : Internationally Unknown

The English rocker doesn't stray too far from his tree.

The jig is up from the outset. Major label, established rock dude involvement, anthemic songs about skate culture. Hardly the recipe for remaining internationally unknown and anonymous. America’s leading Anglophile, Tim Armstrong, is roped in as producer and Rat Boy, or Jordan Cardy as he is known to his parents, shines. As does his love for all things Clash, Big Audio Dynamite and similar.

‘Follow Your Heart’ is immediately catchy, but not in the vein of novelty songs that are irritatingly catchy. Then he tackles the usual ills faced by people of his ilk: unemployment on ‘So What’, social status on ‘Internationally Unknown’ and bumming about on ‘I Wanna Skate’. 

‘No Peace No Justice’ vibrates with intent and whilst frantic, songs like ‘Flies’ and ‘Don’t Hesitate’ aspire to be rugged but end up sounding ragged. Rat Boy rights the ship somewhat with the reggae sound of ‘Night Creature’, so there’s no need to end things with ‘Silverlake’ which is the type of pop-punk that would go down a treat at any trashy skate park with its abundance of bubblegum hooks. 

Internationally Unknown is a calculated yet safe release which should appeal to frat-boys, weekend punks and those itching for the trigger to engage in road rage.