RACKETT on striving to deliver stadium-sized shows on pub stages

“It’s a stadium show on a pub stage…at the forefront of what we do, RACKETT aims to be Australia’s, if not the world’s, premier all-girl band.”

The Melbourne Guitar Show is back again this year with another massive lineup of performers and guitars on display. Sydney psychedelic pop-punk band RACKETT are pretty stoked to be a part of the show.

Bec Callander, the band’s vocalist and rhythm guitarist, can attest to her bandmates’ love for the instrument. “Kat [Ayala, lead guitar] and Ally [Gavin, bass guitar] are renowned for going missing in guitar stores and spending hours looking at pedals and different makes and models. So those two girls, in particular, are very excited about it,” she says.

“I don’t know what it’s going to be like, but if it’s a congregation of people that share a love for any kind of music, let alone guitar-driven music, the different acoustic and electric style guitars, it’s definitely going to be fun.”

RACKETT will be playing this show off the cusp of their Space Cadet tour. That’s the way they approached the creation of the song – by attempting to be as out-of-this-world as they could possibly get. “We were really inspired by the ability to take a guitar solo as far-fetched as we could go,” Callander says. “The song and the musical composition and the style support each other in that they’re both far-fetched and outlandish, and I think if you’re going to go that big and that far out, you need a theme to carry you there.”

So far, the tour has been a huge success and RACKETT are grateful to all the people who have come out to the shows and shown their support. The relationships that they’re lucky enough to build with their audiences during each show are of utmost importance.

 “The tour is space themed and some of our fans have even shown up in costumes,” Callander says. “It’s been great. The Oxford Art Factory was our single launch and there was 400 people there which is a really huge effort from everybody. Since then, we’ve been really surprised by turnouts in Newcastle and Melbourne and Wollongong and we’re very excited to continue on.”

RACKETT are still a young band, having only formed in 2016, and in that time have developed and evolved just as Callander had planned. From the outset, the band set out to give people a musical and theatrical experience that was well delivered, and something inspirational – and it’s clear they’ve stuck to their guns. “It’s a stadium show that hasn’t got a stadium yet,” she says.

“It’s a stadium show on a pub stage but we strive to deliver a live show that is to the standard of our idols. We respect the stage and we respect any opportunity to perform. The band has always strived to have the audience’s best interest in mind and that means that we have developed musically and we’ve gained players and lost players along the way. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future, but at the forefront of what we do, RACKETT aims to be Australia’s, if not the world’s, premier all-girl band.”

The rest of the year will be filled with recording and putting out new music with lots of new opportunities coming up. Post-Melbourne Guitar Show, RACKETT will be launching a brand new single – from there, the sky’s the limit. “Hopefully we’ll have a bigger team together and we can raise the funds to put out a debut album next year.”

The Melbourne Guitar Show is an awesome opportunity for any music lover, an opportunity that isn’t wasted on Callander. “If you have any interest in music, we’ll be doing a free show, so that’s great,” she says. “You’ll get the opportunity to see new guitars and old guitars. If you have any interest in music, then why wouldn’t you come?”

RACKETT will be performing at the Melbourne Guitar Show, taking over Caulfield Racecourse on Saturday August 4 and Sunday August 5.