Rachel By The Stream

Thanks for taking the time to talk to Beat. Can you tell us a bit about Situation Positive and some of the themes you've poured into the album?We recorded the album in our music studio in Brunswick over three years, working with Matt Coldrick on production. It continues the eclectic sound we set with our debut EP; with tracks that span reggae, pop, dance and more. The main theme is optimism for the future and there are some deep messages, but these are balanced with a lot of pure, unadulterated, pop fun. 
You've kicked a lot of goals in your music career with a huge list of festivals under your belt (EarthFrequency, Rainbow Serpent, Maitreya - even Glastonbury). How did you score these spots? Through gigging a lot, playing a lot of festivals, and building relationships with other bands and people in the scene. It's all about connections - festivals are amazing for that. We played together for the first time as RBTS in one of the Rainbow Serpent theme camps. That was a pretty special experience.
How important is a good live show to you? We love performing - something magical happens in that live music arena. A collective experience charged with the frequencies of positivity and possibility. Coming together to share music is something we are passionate about, so a live show where we give 100 percent is essential.

Rachel By The Stream will launch Situation Positive at the Evelyn Hotel on Friday November 25.