Quasar Sound Studio

Unlike many studios out there, Quasar Sound Studio doesn’t try and do everything under the sun. Instead, they’ve targeted a specific part of the market that perhaps wasn’t getting the attention it deserved.

Analogue recording isn’t a new or necessarily amazing technology, but it has stuck around for so many years for a reason: it sounds bloody good. Quasar focus on doing analogue recording right, with vintage technology extending well beyond just the tape machine and a love of live recording. In a current climate that’s – in some circles at least – very heavily focused on overdubbing, editing and manipulating sound, this studio stands out for its dedication on capturing performance, rather than just sounds. Having all of the members of the group recorded playing at the same time isn’t to be underrated, as it’s obviously how a hefty chunk of the greatest records of all time were made. We spoke to Sam Valentino about the studio, how it runs and what it hopes to achieve.
“At Quasar we believe in monophonic reproduction of sound,” says Valentino. “The final test of any recording is in the listening – we invite musicians to compare the sound of Quasar’s live, mono reproductions.
“We specialise in live, studio, analogue recording on quarter-inch magnetic tape. From there we can release a single, EP or LP – vinyl or CD – via the Quasar Record label. We also provide analogue and digital mastering of live recordings and can provide services for other labels wanting to release LP compilations made direct from original vinyl, shellac or tape.”
Although it is a fairly new studio, they specialise in using older technologies and techniques to achieve a vintage-style sound. It’s these techniques that give artists the opportunity to add a vintage flavour to their sound. “The studio began in August 2014 and since then we have enjoyed every moment of the live performances captured and mastered. Our recording procedure is reminiscent of the productions made in studios of the 1950s and ‘60s. We believe in capturing a live recording with overdubbing if needed. We don’t spend an excessive amount of time on post-production, and minimum time is spent on pre-recording to attain the optimum sound, allowing the musicians to do their thing and capture the moment.
“We have a single room studio ideal for acoustic and electric recordings and a control / mastering room with excellent monitoring and facilities for analogue and digital productions. We use 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s vintage equipment. To capture that vintage sound, we use a variety of RCA and Neumann microphones, a Tascam M-15B mixing desk as well as Rola, Ampex and Cuemaster magnetic tape recorders.”
Using this older technology doesn’t leave them rooted in the past, as they are running a multi-faceted business with the Quasar Record label, their mastering facilities – among other services, which sees Quaser tend to a wide variety of artists and styles. “At the moment we are working with The Peter Baylor Trio/Quartet, the Cosmopolitans and a newly formed combo performing Beat Poetry,” says Valentino. “We are also working on an EP of original music by a local artist and a Latin Jazz single.”
By Elijah Hawkins

For more details and for bookings, contact Quasar Sound Studio on 0420 995 404.