Qlaye Face

What makes the Australian prog scene so special? Most bands in the Australian prog scene are so supportive of eachother. You’ll find a lot of the audience who come to the shows are fellow prog bands and that really helps keep the genre strong.
What got you initially interested in prog? Tool was the first prog band I heard and I remember the first listen didn't hook me but I was so intrigued by the sounds and style of songwriting. A few more listens and you start to become part of the song.
What has your Progfest experience been like? We played Progfest a few years back at the Espy and absolutely loved it. A great way to discover new prog bands and meet some awesome people.
How do you experiment at practice/in the studio? We find songwriting quite challenging sometimes as we don't know what sound we are going to come up with, but that’s the beauty of it. Let your emotions dictate what your hands and voice will produce.
How do you mentally prepare for a show? I have a weird method of preparing for something like Progfest. I will starve myself of all prog music a few days out in order to restore all prog mojo. Think of it like an athlete carb loading before an event. 

Qlaye Face will play Progfest at the Corner Hotel on Saturday December 3.