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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

Q&A: X

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

Righto, so where'd you get your name from anyway?

We all liked the idea of a name with X in it but all the cool ones (by our standards) were taken.We were X-ing this and X-ing that and then Ian Krahe just exclaimed "LET'S JUST CALL IT X" And we did. Right away we knew it was more than a name, it was a symbol. So X we were and have been ever since!


And what's the most X-citing thing to happen in your career thus far?

To finally get a very convincing X to tour the West Coast of America. We had tried a few times but there was always something blocking us. We broke up on a regular basis - that didn't help- and we had no 'real' management or record company support. So we just never got to do it. But being there was brilliant. We were treated like rock 'n' roll deities! So many people gushing about thinking that never in their lives would they ever see X - even though I was the only original surviving member. They embraced us whole heartedly. Very gratifying stuff!


Who is the greatest band to ever X-ist?

Oh that is impossible to say. You could ask any member past and present and get a different answer. The greatest band that ever existed may never have gotten out of the back shed or rehearsal room. My top four fave bands is hard enough. I loved The Small Faces, Slade, The Easybeats and The Beatles/Rollingstones.... see even there I had to cheat!


Give us an X-ample of the best lyrics you've ever penned.

I've been workin' all day and wanna fall down. Leave me where I drop I like layin' around/ Drugs and alcohol got the better of me, leave me on the floor 'cause that's where I wanna be/ Home is where the floor is ..... There are dozens... a lot of people say that to me these days... Suck Suck is often quoted at me as well!


Describe the quintessential X-perience of a punter at one of your gigs.

An absolute outsider loser type with a heart of gold... oh no, that's me. X punters come in all shapes and sizes. The only common thread is loyalty and great taste in music. They are more than likely going deaf, if not already threre!


What can people X-pect from your Cherry Bar gig this Friday night?

They can expect something old and something new. I am the old bit. The rhythm section is the new bit. The music in itself is both old and new. There is new energy to the old songs. We blew everyone away that has heard it so far! This gig coming we will also have a horn section to do the At Home With You stuff justice. There will spasms from X-Spurts and classics from X-Aspirations as well. We will play our hearts out. We did an hour and a half up in Sydney last week and it was fantastic!