Q&A: The Sure-Fire Midnights

Name/Band: The Sure-Fire Midnights

Ten bands everyone should know about:

Gluecifer, The Runaways, Bored, Monster Magnet, Thin Lizzy, Rose Tattoo, Turbonegro, The Powder Monkeys, Accadacca and Mustang!


Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner party:

Chilli x 9


Eight possessions that define you:

Why… Are you making a list of all the cool shit in my house you wanna steal?


Seven favourite movies/TV shows that go on your mix-tape:

Sons Of Anarchy, Shaun Of The Dead, Louie, Boardwalk Empire, Kill Bill, Step Brothers, Walking Dead, Spirited.


Six bad habits you can't escape:

Drunken record playing (fun but bad for vinyl!), geez ummm burping, farting, chewing nails all those lady-like kinda things!


Five people who inspire you:

Bon Scott, Dave Grohl, Dave Wyndorf, Dave Chapelle, Louis CK! I'm not sure if the last two inspire me or just make me piss myself laughing but anyway!


Four things that turn you on:

Loud guitars, tight jeans, long hair, rock 'n roll!


Three goals for your music:

Play loud, play hard, play all over the world.


Two live gigs you'll never forget and why:

Monster Magnet - My hair actually blew back from the massive sound coming from the amps! Cherry Rock 2010, was an awesome crowd and fun to play with Rose Tattoo.


One day left before the apocalypse and you…:

If it's a Zombie Apocalypse I'm getting loaded and shooting me some Zombies!


When's the gig / release?

Friday October 14, Cherry Bar CD Launch with Mustang and Uptown Ace - first 100 payers get a free Strike At Midnight single - BAM!


Saturday October 15 at The Tote with Mustang, The Onyas, Rock City Riff Raff.


Going to be a massive weekend!