Q&A with James Hickey

What have you learnt from busking and how do such performances differ from a regular bandroom show?

Busking is a chance for me to keep the live skills ticking over between official shows as well as connecting with an audience that doesn’t necessarily get to pubs and cafes. 

You’ve had a busy year playing festivals all over the country. How has your music evolved in this time?

I’ve met and jammed with lots of great people this year and there are always new stories and different ways of looking at life to be gained through these experiences. One person might urge me to get the mailing list going (still floundering) and another says that song should be my next single, or just encourage me to keep going.  

You’ve just moved to country Victoria after living in Adelaide for the last 20 years. What was the reason behind your move and how has this move affected your music?
I’ve decided to support my musical career with a day job essentially, which has led me to rural Victoria. I have many interests and I’m often in the middle of a mental tug-of-war as to what to focus on. 

What’s in store for your upcoming show at the Wesley Anne?

The Wesley Anne show is my last show for the year so I’ll be telling a few stories amongst new songs I have written throughout 2018. I’ll be playing songs from my album Moon Gravity, released late last year as well as several from my new album Cons of Mod Cons

What can we expect from Cons of Mod Cons, your new album in 2019?
I’ve been working with Mic Hubbard (Ben Mastwyk, Blue Bottles) on the new album and we’ve managed to get a mix of raw bluesy tracks as well as some upbeat tunes with a four-piece band.  

James Hickey performs at the Wesley Anne on Friday November 16. Tickets are $10 on the door.