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Q&A: Crooked Saint

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Tim Wheatley of Crooked Saint


Define your genre in five words or less:

Aussie Rock


Someone is walking passed as you're playing, they get a beer and tell their friend about you... what do they say?

If they didn't know me, they would 'assume' that I stole Liberace's shirts. If they do know me, they would know that I stole Liberace's shirts…


How long have you been gigging and writing?

First played The Espy at 16, God bless that establishment. There were never any questions raised about the rider. They just handed a big blue bucket of booze over to a kid in cargo pants.


What has been your favourite gig you've played to date?

Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival by far. But coming in second is any number of Espy front bar gigs on a hot night!


Which band would you most like to either have a battle/showdown with, or simply play a show with?

Short Stack, because I want to know if we measure up to the best! (it's very hard to convey sarcasm in print).


What inspires or has influenced your music the most?

My surroundings past and present…I wouldn't consider myself overly creative, I merely write about what I see, hear and remember.


What do you think a band has to do these days to succeed?

Do it the honest way. Sadly there are a lot of short-cuts these day and they prove tempting.


In dealing with each other, day in, day out, how do you deal with confrontations that involve either a mate or a bandmate? Do you have a championship move to get a mate out of harm's way?

I'm very non-confrontational. I have mastered a deceptive little trick however, and that is making one of your shit ideas 'seem' like its coming from someone else.


Do you have any releases to date? What? Where can I get it? Is it good?

We released our debut EP Every Angry Inch six months ago, and you will find that on iTunes. It's a great listen, but an even better drink coaster.


Why should everyone come and see your band?

They shouldn't see our band! We are unprofessional, lazy, too loud, drunk and under-rehearsed. Come to see that…


When and where are you playing next?

Launching our new EP Sweating Bullets at Revolver on Friday October 21, with Immigrant Union and The Ocean Party.


Famous last words:

'One band, four friends….'