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Q&A: Contrive Vs. A Lonely Crowd

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

Contrive questions A Lonely Crowd:


What is the message and or inspiration behind A Lonely Crowd?
We’re not that deep, but we always wanted a band name that's also an oxymoron.


Do you think flutes are too grim to be added to Metal?
Not if you play them upside down.


What approach do you take musically to stand out of the somewhat currently overcrowded heavy music scene?
We occasionally let doves fly out into the crowd to balance out the onslaught of heavy riffs.


Who is the most "Metal" member of the group and are they willing to go head to head with Haugy in some Metal Trivia? 
Not sure if we should mention this but that would have to be Mork...he's actually a robot with many metal components.



Thoughts on the current Heavy music scene, what does it need to improve if any?
Jeez, maybe to invent a new genre called gold metal because it would probably get really appreciated.....zing.


What are the plans upon the release of your forthcoming second album?
Send it to the queen of England. We will have a track on there called Godamnesia that might work nicely for a new national anthem.


The name Xen Pow? Any thoughts of using this name to develop your own range of Whey protein powders for Fitness First Gyms?

Funny you should say that. I’ve already proposed my product to them ‘Wow it’s Pow Couch Time’ on the proviso they change their name to ‘Fitness Last’.


What the fuck is "acidmath"?

It’s music structured in just the right combination of prime number time signatures so that you get a severe case of acid reflux by the last song of our sets. 

What has the band learned about the music biz thus far?

That the less you care, the more fun you have.


Do you like Contrive?
Do we ever!  It's a killer scrabble word if you play it on a triple word score!


A Lonely Crowd questions Contrive:


So in both our bands, the guitarist and drummer are brothers. Do you think people will walk away from this show wanting to have kids?

Ha, doubtful but if so they’ll persuade them when they’re older to do something better with their lives.


Was having your 2nd album The Internal Dialogue mixed by Devin Townsend like having your cornflakes stirred by the hand of God?

Well, he did do a “godly” job, that’s for sure but being a long-time mate it sure was a comical time majority of the time.


We hear Paul and Andrew have a secret life as Vidiettes. What’s your favourite film to recite in sync?

That is true and certainly no longer a secret but there are plenty of movies in our collective minds i.e First Blood, Revenge Of The Nerds, The Warriors, American Psycho, Fast Times…, Dirty Harry , and the list goes on.


You've toured with some rad bands - what was your favourite tour to go on and why?

Good question. Um, most of them – Opeth, Sepultura, Machine Head, Devin Townsend, Testament mainly because they’re all good friends and chose us to play with them so that’s always nice, eh!


How did the name of your second album The Internal Dialogue come about? Does it have anything to do with Paul and Andrew being able to read each others’ minds?

Not quite but we are on the same stream of consciousness some days ha. It’s derived from the fact that many people don’t realise that we have two minds that can make us view realities in many ways.


Who writes the songs?

All three of us, we jam and discuss every aspect of what the song is saying as we go along, nothing is “contrived” so to speak, and pardon the pun.


What is it about playing music you love the most?

The very fact that we control what we want to hear with no one’s rules but ours.


If you had to live out the rest of your days as cartoon characters, who would you be?

Some have said Paul and I are a real life Beavis and Butthead, ha, yes we like metal, uhuh, huh, but we have a little more intellect than them and don’t hold jobs at Burger World.


What can we expect from your show at ‘Ignite’?

Extreme techdeathshoegazeblastcore. Kiddin’. To quote Cliff Burton (R.I.P.), “we’re not trying to be something big and fancy you know, it’s just us doing what we do and let’s keep it that way!”


Can Andrew do his Lars Ulrich impersonation while playing drums AND hosting The Racket?

Sure, I can pull the faces on the kit and I do it on air often.


A Lonely Crowd & Contrive plat Ignite at The Prague Sept 24th