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Q&A: Big Day Not Out

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
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Tell us a bit about the history of Pub Cricket and The Yarra Pub Cricket Association?
No one is entirely sure about the origins of Pub Cricket in Fitzroy (lost in the fog of time and beer), but social games have been part of the community history for decades. During the '80s, local pubs such as The Lord Newry, The Old Homestead, The Dan O’Connell and the Marquis of Lorne played each other throughout the summer.  Since that time the number of pubs playing cricket has grown to include venues such as the Brandon, Bar Open, a renewed Dan O’Connell, Rose, Standard, Rainbow, Napier, John Curtin, Marquis of Lorne, Tramways, Royal Oak, Pinnacle, Tote, Union, Recreation, Pinnacle, Lord Newry, Labour in Vain, The Derby and the Commercial. Since 2001 we have held an annual Knock-Out Competition – Community Carnival Day in March named The Big Day Not Out (BDNO). This event has been well supported and has become a popular fixture on the Fitzroy social calendar.  The first of the 'Cricket on Tap – Big Day Not Out’ events was born in 2001, aptly named ‘2001 – A Cricketing Oddity’. We haven't looked back since.


Which charity is reaping the benefits of this year's event? Why?
 Money raised is donated to the East West Childcare. The BDNO is all about local community and as such the money is donated to a local charity. Last year we also had cans on the bars for people to donate a coin or two to the Victorian Flood Relief. This was not part of the benefits of the day, just something else we could help out with.


Are any pub notoriously rough'n'tumble in their playing techniques?
There are a lot of pubs that are famous for being a bit of a tumble but this is usual more of a case for the play’s fielding ability (more so after a few drinks), and the inability of trying to run between wickets. Some pubs do also tend to have a bit of inter-pub rivalry as well, with pub v pub trophy matches conducted during the regular season.


And which team do you think actually has the best chance to take out the title?
 The Union Club, which has played in the last three finals (for only one win thanks to the Rainbow beating them in the other two) will again be the team to beat. Apart from the Union looks like one of the most open days in years. 


And the live music?
The bands this year are the Aintree Sweet on at Brunswick Oval at 1.30pm. Later in the afternoon is The Miserable Little Bastards from 3.30pm 'til 8pm or later. On Alfred Crescent, a professional DJ, who by chance understand the greatness of pub cricket and shows his own skills in that area with the Brandon Hotel, will be playing.


Where is it happening and when?
The games kick off from 10am, music from 11am, bands from 1.30pm. The festivities are on the Brunswick Street Oval (WT Peterson Community Oval) and at Alfred Crescent (just a minutes’ walk from the main oval).


Anything else to add?
Come down and support your local. There's also a jumping castle, face painting, speed of bowling, food, drinks and of course, good/interesting cricket.


The BIG DAY NOT OUT takes place at Edinburgh Garden this Sunday March 25.