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Puro Instinct Add Extra Melbourne Show

California’s Puro Instinct have just announced a performance at The Toff In Town as part of their Australian tour this October.

According to their bio, “If you’ve ever wondered what it might sound like if Nico were to start a band with Felt on a beach in Malibu, here you go”. Formerly known as Pearl Harbor, members Piper and Skylar Kaplan began playing together in the summer of 2008 with no experience and no idea what they were getting themselves into. Not long after, their ethereal pop confections were embraced by audiences worldwide. In their thus far brief career, Puro Instinct have collaborated with pop guru Ariel Pink on the stunning track Stilyagi, receiving rave reviews around the globe.

Puro Instinct play The Toff In Town on Sunday October 28. Tickets on sale through Melbourne Festival. They also play Bermuda Float on Friday October 26.