Punk & Hardcore

With Joe Hansen

The Bendigo Hotel has announced an absolutely massive lineup for this year’s New Years Eve celebrations. Headlined by Clowns, the night will also include The Nation Blue, Flour and Würst Nürse. Tickets are on sale now from their website.
Cro-Mags bassist and general madmanHarley Flanagan has announced he’s recording songs for an as yet unnamed upcoming project. Reportedly to be released in 2017, Flanagan has described the sound as having "a definite Bad Brains Rock For Light/At The Movies type of vibe meets Black Sabbath and played by a Cro-Mag. It’s called I Love My life”. Involved in the New York hardcore punk scene since the beginning, Flanagan gained fame as the bassist and occasional vocalist of the legendary Cro-Mags, gaining further notoriety in 2011 after allegedly drawing a knife and stabbing members of his former band at a show in New York City.
1980s Brisbane crossover act Insane Hombres have announced the release of a 7” of a four song demo recording from 1987. Releasing only one full length album in their original tenure, 1988’s To the Core, the rediscovery of the master tapes of previously recorded tracks has prompted the band to finally release them. Described by the band as Brisbane’s answer to much of the American metal influenced punk of the time, the band summarised their sound and story: "Many years ago in this dysfunctional town there was a band known as the Insane Hombres …playing flat-out edge of your seat hardcore punk akin to that of Poison Idea or The Accused (in our humble opinion).” The 7” will be released independently by the band.
Melbourne’s Camp Cope have released a new single. Entitled Keep Growing, it’s available now from Poison City Records. Although it’s a standalone single, the track is reportedly taken from an upcoming full length, following up the band’s well-received self-titled release from this April. They have recently received the award for Best Emerging Act at the The Age Music Victoria Awards, as well as receiving a nomination for Australian Album of the Year at the J Awards.