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With Joe Hansen

It might be hard to believe these days, but in the ‘90s AFI were a great band. It sounds ridiculous, considering the bulk of their career, essentially everything from half of 2003’s major label debut Sing the Sorrow until now, has been absolute garbage. 1994’s Answer That And Stay Fashionable is a sketchy and rough LP of fast melodic hardcore, a perfect style which continued until the late ‘90s. I heard a new song of theirs on the radio and it was absolutely horrible. I was already offended before I even knew it was them. At least their first four albums, plus their perfect All Hallows EP, sound as good as ever. Oh yeah, and they’ve got a new self-titled album coming out in early 2017 but who cares.
Everyone’s favourite Californian pop punk innovators Descendents have announced an Australian tour this February. Their first Australian tour since 2013, the band is touring in support of their new album Hypercaffium Spazzinate, their first release in 12 years. The band will play 170 Russell on Monday February 20.
Long running New York hardcore veterans Sick Of It All have announced the release of a new EP entitled When The Smoke Clears. Due out Friday November 4, the release will be accompanied by a 60 page coffee table book with photos from the band’s 30 year history. Sick Of It All will play with Refused and High Tension at Prince Bandroom on Tuesday January 24 and Wednesday January 25.
Orgcore punks The Menzingers have announced an Australian tour next February in support of their upcoming LP After the Party, to be released Friday February 3. The Menzingers will play The Reverence Hotel on Friday February 10.
In most likely their highest profile tour to date, Melbourne’s The Bennies have been announced as the national support act for The Living End’s upcoming tour. Hitting up numerous regional centres, plus shows at the Sydney and Melbourne Zoos, the tour comes off the back of The Living End’s recent AFL grand final performance and The Bennies’ recent European tour. The bands will play Melbourne Zoo Twilights on Friday March 3.