Punk & Hardcore

With Joe Hansen

Have you ever noticed how modern hardcore bands often produce 25-30 test pressings of a record and then proceed to sell them directly to fans at inflated prices? I’ve got nothing against limited pressings and unique short runs, but I always figured a test pressing should be for, you know, testing the record before mass production. This should only require a couple of records for parties involved to be able give the record the A-Ok to begin pressing. Making 30 test pressings that are going to be sold instead of confirming the record is correct completely bypasses the entire point.
The unclear status of whether Nails is a band anymore has appeared to have resolved itself. On the eve of a recently planned tour, tourmates Full of Hell released the statement: “Unfortunately this show has been cancelled. Nails have gone on hiatus with no plan to play live or record again.Despite the announcement of what appeared to be a breakup, it was then announced that Nails would be releasing a split 7”, also with Full of Hell. Finally, in an interview this week with Metal Hammer, Nails frontman Todd Jones cleared the air, “We never went on hiatus, we just cancelled a bunch of dates.”
Former Black Flag vocalists Dez Cadena and Ron Reyeshave announced shows together, with both vocalists performing sets with new bands. It’s been reported that both singers will be performing from the Black Flag catalogue and their own compositions.
Sacramento hardcore band Trash Talk have announced the immediate release of a new EP, Tangle, now available from the band’s website. Trash Talk last released 2014’s No Peace. This band did have some great material here and there a while back but they really need to lift their songwriting game if they want to keep their fans interested.
Brisbane’s Shutup Shutup Shutup, formerly known as Release the Hounds, have announced the upcoming release of a new EP. Back to the Start, due out Monday November 14, will be the first release since renaming the band earlier this year.