Punk : 2017 Album Highlights

Converge: The Dusk In Us. There was no doubting that the latest album from the undisputed kings of metallic hardcore would be in any way a letdown or a compromise on their usual standard. Their first since 2012’s excellent All We Love We Leave Behind, the band’s latest offering continues the chaotic hardcore they’re known for, with even more of a melodic angle – first experimented with on 2009’s incredible Axe to Fall.
Batpiss: Rest in Piss. The third album from the Melbourne institution saw the band expand beyond their usual punishing noise punk into a more varied and textured sonic territory. Evidently taking a lot of guidance and influence from producer Gareth Liddiard of The Drones, the record is a massive step forward for the Melbourne trio.
Mesa Cosa: El Es Demons. Marking their first release in over three years, the long-awaited full-length from Melbourne’s premier garage-punk-psych-freakout noisemakers Mesa Cosa finally saw the light of day in November. Initially recorded over a year before and delayed with unclear release plans and general uncertainty, the record is in essence a documentation of the band’s intense and unpredictable live show. With the band playing countless shows with various extra members and instruments over the years, there was almost a sense of relief in the power of their set and songwriting finally committed to tape.
Propagandhi: Victory Lap. Over 25 years into their career, Canadian thrash-punks Propagandhi are one of the only remaining bands of that era to have not only consistently released excellent material, but continued to innovate and expand their sound on every release. While new record Victory Lap wasn’t a departure from their modern thrash metal-influenced punk-rock sound of the last few albums, the passion and energy of the band remains as strong as ever.
Dirty Fences: Goodbye Love. With just the right amount of cheese and rock‘n’roll excess, the third LP from the NYC power-pop-punk group is by far their best work to date. Get it now before they get big so you can say you knew them before that and feel cool.