Progfest brought the heat to the Corner Hotel

Braving the sweltering conditions in Melbourne, Progfest drenched The Corner Hotel in sweat as fans descended Progfest, packing out the venue from start to finish. 

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Michelle Sarah Productions

Opening proceedings were Kiwi-born locals Logic Defies Logic, dazzling punters with their high energy funk-metal grooves and entertaining onstage charisma, pumping the volume and heat up for the rest of the day.
Fierce Mild followed, with an experimental psych-rock extravaganza featuring multiple visual feasts through their live projection show. No strangers to Progfest, Enlight had the crowd completely mesmerised with a soaring soulful set, letting the room full of prog lovers know they should expect a big year ahead. With the room warmed up, Acolyte tore a new hole in the space-time continuum, making sure there wasn’t a soul in the room that wasn’t shaken to the core.
Next up, Adelaide prog-metal lynchpins Dyssidia gave the crowd a high-powered set, melting faces with their technical mastery and reminding those who were in attendance last Progfest why they’re an act to keep an eye on. Weaving sonic tapestries and putting the room in a complete trance, Sydney’s Meniscus were on point with their post-rock soundscapes.
Playing their last ever show, Branch Arterial went off with a bang, giving every last ounce of their beings to their performance and making sure they’ll never be forgotten. Setting their sights on their home crowd and striking hot after touring Europe and Australia with headliners Leprous, AlithiA took the crowd to outer space in the most brutal of ways with their psychedelic tribal rock. Keeping it light-hearted and heavy-handed, Toehider brought the party with their unique brand of prog-rock storytelling, giving an unmissable performance.
Keeping the crowd on their toes, Perth prog masters Voyager lit up the crowd with a fiery set, showing the crowd why they’re one of the most recognised Australian prog bands around the world. Orsome Welles were at the top of their game, having the room pulsing to their experimental avant-garde prog. By now you’d think that all the energy in the room would’ve been exhausted, but Norwegian headliners Leprous rose the crowd up like a phoenix, not missing a single beat or note for their entire hour and 20 minutes on stage, relentlessly stirring the packed out room into a frenzy. Their precise and intricate blend of prog was at once sophisticated and lethal, relentless in its execution and unforgiving in its oppressive heaviness. Walking out of the Corner Hotel, you could see that every shred of energy was definitely well spent.
Highlight: Alithia and Voyager members moshing onstage with Leprous.
Lowlight: It was bloody hot.
Crowd Favourite: Leprous’ entire set.