The Prodigy : 'No Tourists'

The Prodigy make a lukewarm return.

For a group that have for the bulk of their career been innovative, popular and danced across thresholds into manic popularity and game-changing sounds, The Prodigy have done okay with their seventh studio album, No Tourists. That’s all it is though – okay.

Rammed with the traditional punk-laden vocals, booming guitars and synth melodies, The Prodigy certainly stick with a familiar high-energy sound. ‘Need Som1’ is decent as opener’s go, reminding us of The Prodigy circa 1992 only with a bit more of a polished edge. The album’s title track wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack to a film and perhaps that’s something The Prodigy are subconsciously working toward these days – the usual anathematic number as is present on each of their previous albums only aiming to hone a more palatable and appealing beat. 

It’s a collision of the percussive and the armchair, wildly comfortable and still a lot of fun.  Have we come to expect too much from the British ravers? Perhaps their days of innovation and commitment to genre-defying albums are past them because ultimately, No Tourists rings out like an upgrade to your iPhone – it’s a little different yet familiar, so you’re still going to love and stick with it.