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The Priory Dolls: Suddenly, At The Priory

Plucking bits and pieces from their various singles, EPs and demos from the last five or so years, the Priory Doll's finally decided to grace us with their debut full length album, Suddenly, At the Priory. The band's ability to effortlessly create stories soaked in whiskey and set years beyond their time, sees the songs tramp down damp city streets of distressing highs and sombre lows, hauled along from sleazy beer-soaked bars to strip clubs by the in and out of chaotic noises.


Opening with the title track, Suddenly, At The Priory, the whole album is encapsulated within its snide guitar contrasting against calm, tired vocals, angelic background harmonies and a Gospel-esque keyboard melody. Through slow lamenting drums, tracks such as Me And My Accelerated Friends and Poison Arrows drag themselves onward to battle against the strange waves of sound.


Riddles and Bones , from the early days of the band still remains naked and vulnerable, radiating a heartfelt honesty and subduing a feeling of peace, which is then completely eradicated by Get your Dark Wizard On and its sinister Drones-like baseline. Jumping about are shocks of perverted guitar.


Marching off to war, Jack Of The Morning Sun is melancholy and regimented, sounds of a frosty wind blowing through. Havoc is ensured as the song spirals into madness, like soldier slowly losing their mind.


The Priory Doll's have finally created a beautiful anthology of their hard work and intelligent, challenging song-writing. Suddenly, At The Priory goes further than an enjoyable listen, but one of exhilaration and exhaustion.

Best Track: Jack Of The Morning Sun

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In A Word: Noisy