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Prince Secret Shows: The Final Week

After a flurry of unsubstantiated rumours of aftershows during Prince's initial stint in Melbourne, and following a number of aftershows in Brisbane and Sydney, it looks like this is the week Melburnians can go crazy.

Last night while most of us were sleeping (hey, it was a Monday), Prince's tour DJ Rashida announced at 1am:


This just in .. Prince on stage @ bennetts lane jazz club <Melbourne 2nite! 200$ @ door *secret show* just starting .. <3


Prince then took the NPG for one of their trademark jams, hitting Bennets Lane just as they did back in 2003. Due to the late announcement, it turned out to be a very intimate affair, with around 70 people witnessing one of the world's greatest entertainers do what he does best. 



Chances are this won't be the last secret show Melbourne will see this week. 

Stay tuned for more announcements.