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Prince Secret Show?

Following his post-midnight performance at The Ivy in Sydney on Saturday, rumours have been swirling of a Melbourne encore.

Prince's after-party performance at Bennett's Lane in 2003 is highly revered as one of Melbourne's most spectacular secret performances, where fans paid a mere $20 to witness Prince in the tiny jazz club. His Sydney after-party also included cameos from Public Enemy and Seal, so you can be forgiven for getting a little excited of a Melbourne repeat. 


However, rumours are also circulating that Prince may instead opt for a secret show after his performance tomorrow night or his final Melbourne show on Wednesday May 30. However the constantly hit-and-miss clairvoyant Nui Te Koha has 'confirmed' that the after-party will take place tonight through his Twitter.


UPDATE: Te Koha has tweeted that the show will take place at Club 23, Crown Casino from 1am. Official word from the venue is that a "private function" is taking place. No ticketing details have been released.


UPDATE #2: Te Koha has withdrawn his previous statement tweeting that "Prince after show cancelled. Tour publicist reports: "Just been told party not happening tonight. That's all I know at the moment. Sorry." 


UPDATE #3: Another day, another Prince show, another avalanche of rumours. So far we're hearing The Palace, Docklands, and Lord Of The Fries Fitzroy. Still no official word yet on whether an afterparty will take place.


UPDATE #4: The Palace website reads as follows "Tuesday 15th May 2012 PRINCE IS NOT PERFORMING AT THE PALACE." 

Stay tuned to Beat for more details as they emerge.