Press Club release killer new single 'Suburbia', announce debut album

Just quietly, this is shaping up to be one of our most anticipated local releases for 2018. 

2017 was a watershed year for Press Club, a band that burst forth onto the scene fully formed with hook-laden singles and sold-out shows proving they're a group to take notice of. 

Determined to make 2018 even larger than '17, they've just released 'Suburbia' -- the third single from their forthcoming debut album Late Teens

Conceived in a garage in Brunswick, the band worked the song from the verses up. Recorded live in a single day during the album sessions, the track was self-produced by the band and engineered by the band’s guitarist Greg Rietwyk.

Check it out below: 

Press Club will play Max Watts on Saturday February 24 and Smith Street Band's Pool House Party on Saturday March 17. Tickets are on sale now