Premiere: Sex on Toast take us through their new EP 'Rough' track by track

Spanning influences from Michael Jackson to metal. 

In celebration of Sex on Toast's bold new EP Rough, frontman Angus Leslie takes us through the record's genesis, influences and his compulsive listening habits. 

Track 1: BDSM 

Well here's grimy little number for your listening pleasure. Inspired by 1980s soundtracks, metal, P-Funk, Roger Troutman and of course the famed Minneapolis sound.

Whilst many know Prince’s music and are maybe even conversant with Morris Day and the Time, not everyone is across other proponents of the MPLS sound like Mazarati, (the biggest influence on the tune) Jesse Johnson’s solo work or the entire Flyte Tyme catalogue. Lyrically repugnant and hideously arranged, we tried to inject as much of our own auditory filth into the song. We hope you can hear Louis King’s golden voice grunting along to the guitar and talkbox

Track 2: Party 

This is a song I wrote in my head whilst walking down St. George’s Road in 2009 while I was listening to Michael Jackson’s 'Dangerous' a lot. It existed for many tours before the arrangement really settled. By the time the overdubs began we really knew what we wanted from the arrangement. The second verse's guttural lead also includes erstwhile trumpet player Bovril Harrison pitch shifted and spouting absolute nonsense. We’ve since been told that part resembles Mr. Bungle, which is a huge compliment. The lyrics were changed in 2016 ever so slightly to be relevant to events I had recently experienced.

Lewis Moody can be credited for including the orchestra hit part in the arrangement after a cover gig he’d just come back from when he had just played Bobby Brown's ‘Every Little Step’ and was entranced by its harmony and sounds.

Track 3: Try It Out 

This is a drastic re-arrangement of a love-lorn song from our first album from 2014. The original was more of a classic Motown groove but I thought I would take this more in the direction of the Rough EP and give it a 'Tonay' makeover. Lush DX-7 chords and Philip Starr’s manic synth bass interwoven with talk-box utterances from James Bowers that begins to sound like a bass clarinet in the final passage.

A huge influence for the horn arranging was Quincy Jones '90s masterpiece ‘Q’s Jook Joint’ and Prince’s live arrangement of 'If I Was Your Girlfriend'. Gary T’s chimes really make this one.

Track 4: Saviour (Father's Song) 

It was time to do something stripped back and completely vulnerable. Find out for yourself! 

Track 5: Think I'm In Love 

Hugely inspired by the feeling of misguided limerence, Teddy Riley’s vocoder moments and Mint Condition’s mastery of call and response really charged this one up. Emotionally it is inspired by the ache you can feel at times, despite knowing it is a mere manifestation of your own emotional deficiency. Industrial clangs and a result of more and more research into the catalogues of New Edition, Guy and Keith Sweat. The spoken intro really sets it all up. I’m hung up…

Track 6: 4U

This song is set up with the storm referenced in track four that comes to life in a searing slow jam. This song might be a huge love letter to Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam with spacious verses that holds constant tension. The Roland TR-808, 12 string guitar and Moog bass came from obsessive listening to SOS Band, Alexander O’Neal and the last three tracks from Janet’s Rhythm Nation  It’s a key change down too. Not up. We keep seeming to do that… Can someone help us? This might be a problem!