Premiere: MAYA drops a heavy grooving neo soul gem in 'What After Now'

Strap on a back brace, because the groove is heavy with MAYA's new track. 

What After Now is a bold step forward for MAYA, boasting soaring vocals and lush production over a driving beat. 


“What After Now is about living in the moment, loving who you are and being who you love,” says MAYA. “It was inspired by all the times I have been challenged by my future, but have just tried to enjoy the present.


"I wanted people to remember that our future may be unknown and daunting, but if you can just get through each second in the now you don’t have to worry about what's to come. It is inspired by everyone around me and the way the new generations are always trying to be somewhere else.”


Check it out for yourself below: 


MAYA will be celebrating the release with a series of launch shows, hitting the Paris Cat on Friday March 24, The Rising Sun Hotel on Saturday April 1 and The Toff In Town on Tuesday April 25.