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The Prague To Close

Another Melbourne music venue has announced it's closure.

Thornbury venue The Prague announced it's immediate closure through their Facebook this afternoon. The statement reads:


"It is with great sadness and heavy hearts, that we have to make the following announcement.


As of today, Monday the 22nd of October, we have been left with no other option but to close our doors, and regrettably cancel all bookings and events from this point onwards.


We were faced with a difficult economic climate, and did all we could to stay open for as long as possible. Sadly, our plan to see out the year didn't work out, and those that know us, know just how hard we worked to try and achieve this, as well as the hard work offered to us by the various crew and techs making these last six months an enjoyable, however difficult, experience.


We are very sorry for any and all inconvenience this is sure to cause, and will do our best to help out in any way possible.


To all of you who supported us, drank with us, and worked with us, we appreciate you all whole heartedly, and thank you for the good times we were able to share, but for now, it is good bye.


For all management inquiries, contact Darina Philpot on 0416 466 160. To discuss future bookings, contact Dima Shafro at Gunn Music via dima@gunnmusic.com.au"

Stay tuned to Beat for more information as it surfaces.