Powerline Sneakers : Disasterpiece


It is in the context of ruby-tinged memories of rock’n’roll’s old school aesthetic that we turn to Powerline Sneakers. This is a band filled to the brim with old school rock’n’roll credibility: Sly Faulkner (Splatterheads), John Nolan (Powdermonkeys), Katie Dixon (Ripe) and Mark Hurst (Guttersnipes). Powerline Sneakers is awash with the brazen attitude of punk rock, the punchy riffs of ‘70s rock, the invigoration of the original ‘60s pop era and the spectre of a thousand gigs lost in a haze of booze and narcotics.  Signs is that buzzsaw guitar track you heard when you were 16 and you were never the same again, Bank Robber is positive proof that punk rock can live in peace and harmony with pop sensibility and Miracle of Sin is as bold and brassy as The Saints hanging loose with the Dap Kings. 
There’s ‘50s dancehall rockers (Wedding Rocker and Spectre), God-like romance (Miss You) and powerpop angst (Don’t Shit Me Now) and MC5 arrogance (2 Step Wreck).  Top it off with the punchy Miles of Love and it’s clear there’s no cheap bullshit licence here.  Powerline Sneakers are the real deal. 
By Patrick Emery