Power helped the Bendigo Hotel celebrate their 8th birthday in fine form

2018 has started slowly with many local bands opting to take a well-earned break to write material. Lucky for punters, Melbourne rock-trio Power have risen to the occasion with a flurry of shows over the summer, including headlining Bendigo Hotel’s 8th Birthday.

Ex-Brisbanite Hanny J kicked off the night with an awe-inspiring acoustic-punk solo set. As always she delivered an emotional and raw performance, ending appropriately with a cover of AJJ’s ‘Hate, Rain on me’. A 30-degree night was enough to make anyone “sick of summer songs.” This jumped into a groovy set by Stiff Richards who in contrast decided to cover a song about beaches in summer. The boys from the Peninsula showcased delicious guitar tones and awesome transitions from the rhythm section to back up their sweat-caked frontman whom spent half the set on the stage and half within the audience. Their new tracks appear promising and the band appeared more refined than ever. No Class continued to heat things up with a display of Oi Punk so great they should be added to the list of celebrities Australia has claimed from New Zealand. Among many obvious crowd favourites, the highlight was their song ‘Right to Work’. 

Finally Power graced the stage with no prestige about it. Unfazed by the heat they got straight into the rock. Their performance was both flawless and natural, Guitarist Nathan Williams effortlessly slid across his guitar’s neck producing terrific pub-rock riffs. The crowd erupted in response to William’s iconic calls “this song’s about snakes” leading into ‘Serpent City’ and “electric glitter boogie”, beginning the song of the same name.  It is worth mentioning that bass player Isaac Ishadi was on crutches all night and incredibly only took a small break during their set.

It was unfortunate that this lineup showcasing the vast variety of local punk music that Melburnians are blessed with wasn’t rounded out with extreme hardcore band Enzyme due to illness. The four sets played, however, were very well curated by The Bendi and were definitely worth braving the scorching temperature for.

Happy Birthday to The Bendigo Hotel.