Porches : The House

With his third full-length album, Porches – the moniker of Aaron Maine – isn’t so much experimenting with styles but perfecting his sound. The 14-track release features contributions from various artists, including Maine’s father Peter.

It opens with ‘Leave The House’, an intro of sorts, which at times removes the instrumentals completely to showcase Maine’s impressive vocal layering. ‘Find Me’ is the first single to come from the album, dropping a bassy synth beat, and touching on anxiety, escape and isolation. It follows with ‘Understanding’, a playful ditty that only lasts 59 seconds. This leads into ‘Now The Water’, a chilled beat that will accompany many late-night beach sessions.
‘Country’ is the best example of Maine’s well-crafted songwriting. It’s vulnerable, tender and sweet. Similarly, ‘By My Side’ feels incredibly melancholic. Backed by a piano and stripped-back beat, it packs an emotional punch. ‘Åkeren’ is another short-sharp interlude, while ‘Anymore’ mixes things up with varying tempos and probably a little too much auto-tune.
Other standouts include the well-layered pop-driven single ‘Goodbye’, the incredibly haunting ‘Ono’ and closing track ‘Anything U Want’.