Popboomerangs Various Artists : Electric & Eclectic: Rarities Volume One

Local independent label Popboomerang Records has shone a deserving light on great melodic guitar-pop for the past decade and they've assembled a diverse gem here with Electric & Eclectic: Rarities Volume One- a compilation comprising previously unheard originals, covers and alternate versions.


Electric & Eclectic opens with a cover of Tom Petty's Straight Into Darkness from talented Sydney musicians Russell Crawford and Caitlin Harnett - although this proves a gorgeous rendition with its charming girl/boy vocal harmonies, it's a warmer take on Petty's potent classic.


Previously unreleased gems like The Bon Scotts' Drape Those Caring Arms Around Me and Skipping Girl Vinegar's The Wedding Song demonstrate just how special an album of rarities can truly be. The latter is beautifully romantic without being maudlin, suffused in a shimmering tranquillity that's resplendent in both the melodious guitars and warm strings.


Other highlights include The Aerial Maps' cover of Weddings Parties Anything's For A Short Time (the song's classic Australian cadence and blissfully nostalgic air are captured perfectly), D. Rogers' cover of Guided By Voices' Learning To Hunt and Grand Atlantic's unexpectedly brilliant cover of Enya's Only Time. That's right - Enya ... the mere fact that the Brisbane four-piece have managed to cover Enya with such poise and beauty is a welcome and captivating surprise.


Meanwhile, superb Ballarat folk entity Underminers provide an alternative version of Trouble Man (the original can be found on their outstanding third album, Heart Part Of Your Mind). Most compelling is Splurge's haunting performance of an original entitled When I'm Down - a moving, solemn moment of introspection via Greg Williams' expressive vocals and his band's intensely foreboding rhythms. Also highly notable is Young Werther's Lazy Babies - a pensive folk lament pervading in rippling guitar and manifestations of search and longing.


With an artist lineup that continues to flourish in diversity and melodic depth, this rarities compilation serves as a delightful introduction to some of the finest talents on the Popboomerang Records label.

Best Track: Bones If You Like These,

You’ll Like This: The Sound Of Tree Falling On People SEEKAE, Somersault DECODER RING

In A Word: Drifting

Label: Popboomerang