Pond : The Weather


Pond don’t get enough credit. Of Australia’s two biggest modern psych exports – Tame Impala and King Gizzard – Pond split the difference; often, with freaky results. One only has to look at Cloud City, Xanman, Outside is the Right Side or Moth Wings to understand. They’re loud and have distinct swagger; but they’re also nicely-packaged, with ethereal pop sensibilities. This is Pond’s bread and butter, and few other bands pull it off as well as they do.
The Weather treads the same surface. Arrangements recall the grandiose rock operas of the ‘70s (see: Edge of the World Pts. 1 and 2, 30,000 Megatons, Zen Automation), mixed to perfection with Kevin Parker behind the boards. Sweep Me Off My Feet is three and a half minutes of glam-rock bliss; while the title track, bouncing with psychedelic charm, is as intoxicating as anything the band have ever done.
There’s also a cynically-political edge; frontman Nick Allbrook taking aim at the likes of Kyle and Jackie-O, Cardinal George Pell, and Gina Rinehart at different points throughout the album. If a big “fuck you” to Kyle and Jackie-O isn’t indicative of a rock album warranting repeated listens, then what is?
By Evan Young