Pond are more agitated than ever on their stunningly immersive new album 'Tasmania'

The LP takes listeners on a wild ride, lyrically and melodically.

Pond’s beginnings in 2008 were like walking into a backyard to a hoard of sodden leaves in the middle of autumn. Eleven years on, that backyard has well and truly been raked. Dropping their eighth studio album into the world, the career timeline for the Perth psych rockers has been vast but incessant. Creativity never wanes for Nick Allbrook and his merry men and Tasmania is proof of that.

The upkeep of that very backyard is not a product of a stout landscape gardener but rather an upshot of musical sanitation and purity. Pond’s sound is cleaner, bouncier and more wholesome than ever before. 

Tasmania explores Australia’s last surviving body of land in the wake of mass climatic annihilation. ‘Daisy’ kicks things off and consolidates Allbrook’s pop eye, not Popeye, rather his penchant for writing melodies that resonate with the most surface-level of listeners. It’s the ‘Sweep Me Off My Feet’ of Tasmania and is no brief psych explosion.

Through the pulsing ‘Sixteen Days’, the tepid ‘Tasmania’ all the way to the triumphant marathon ‘Burnt Out Star’ the bearing of album producer Kevin Parker cannot be ignored. As his own creative cosmos adjourns, his artistic clutch can’t be restrained – Tasmania is a soundscape fitting for a Jupiter tea party.