Five Traits Humans Share With Animals

Monogamy – Penguins are renowned for being monogamous and staying with the same partner for life. Some species like the Emperor Penguin are serially monogamous, which means they stay together for the kids and then move on to another partner. This is rather unlike some snakes, whose orgies can be so large that those at the bottom are crushed. Regrettable, although there are worse ways one could die.
Leadership – The animal kingdom contains many complex hierarchies, often with an alpha leader/s at the top. Wolf-packs are led by an alpha male and female whom call the shots, whilst the other wolves constantly test each other in an attempt to establish superiority, and thus solidify their status. Some handy tips for humans becoming pack leaders are starting a cult, or being born wealthy and inheriting the family mining empire.
Theft - Recently there have been disturbing reports of flocks of seagulls harassing pedestrians, taking burgers out of unsuspecting hands around the Circular Quay area. This happened to our bass player Curt twice in two days whilst on lunch break from his day job. Curt no longer lunches in the area.
Sex – We are often ruled by a subconscious desire to pass on our genes. Male peacocks spread their brightly coloured tail feathers in a fan shape with the hopes of impressing a potential mate. Amongst humans it is often luxurious cars, jokes and carefully designed tinder profiles that might achieve a similar result.
Chill Out – Occasionally everybody needs to take a load-off and chill. For some that means kicking off your shoes, cracking a home brew and watching a horror-flick. But for the snow monkeys that inhabit the volcanic mountains of Honshu it means soaking in their naturally heated thermal spa’s. They bathe in contentment for hours, resembling a group of '70s mafia bosses in the sauna, casually discussing serious business.

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