Pete Murray : Camacho


Camacho means the act of cool and this album is Pete Murray’s homage to understanding the self-inflicting creative process and breezing through it naturally, to make something that exists without meta-pretentiousness or substitution. 
Heartbeats is an open call to bliss and immediately makes you forget the six year wait to hear from the king of huskiness. Take Me Down reaffirms the purity of love itself when you open up to its risks. The song’s chorus flies in like a familiar anthem that you can’t quite put your finger on and then suddenly it hits you – this is euphoria.
The beats on this album are phat. In particular, Camacho’s drums feel like they’ve been hijacked by a hip hop producer – if you look up the credits you’ll find that A.B Original’s Trials has jumped on to add a phat tick of approval. 
Many artists try to switch it up between infrequent releases and some try to remake their breakthroughs. Murray has found that balance between the two worlds, all with a cool ease and always keeping you grounded and chilled. Maybe it’s the surfing, maybe it’s the Kombi. Whatever it is Pete, keep doing you.