Pet Shop Boys : Agenda

Pet Shop Boys return after a reasonable hiatus with Agenda, an EP of four songs. 

The ambitions of current world leaders are viciously trivialised on ‘Give Stupidity A Chance’. Astute observations attest the fact that PSB are becoming grumpy old men but remain aware of their surroundings.

‘On Social Media’ suggests they can still punch the right set of buttons and display obvious magnificence. ‘What Are We Going To Do About The Rich?’ is a manifesto Lenin may have ruminated over in an earlier time. The landscape PSB occupy is, broadly speaking, dance; which is perhaps the ficklest of musical endeavours as there is little loyalty to individual artists. The quality of a song is everything and this bite size morsel shows why PSB have endured.

‘The Forgotten Child’ is a parallel universe of idiosyncratic narrative and shows PSB can tackle a shifting canvas and not be thrown off course. After so many years you could believe the moment has passed, but PSB continue to defy expectations and show that their music is built to last. One can hope that a full-length album is in the works with more withering insights into current culture.