Perfect Son : Cast

This month the Seattle record label widely credited as developing grunge music in the early ‘90s, Sub Pop, has defied it’s perceived brand by releasing Cast, an LP by Polish artist Perfect Son (Tobiasz Biliński).

The grandeur and sonic scope of this record is akin to renowned art-rocker Peter Gabriel and to a (much) lesser degree, Icelanders Sigur Ros. Ultimately, and at complete odds with the Sub Pop roster that includes Sleater-Kinney and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Perfect Son is primarily informed instrumentally by the orchestral movements and operatic vocals inherent of Euro-pop.

The pretense of opening track ‘Reel Me’ stretches well beyond the allusions of its punny title whose multiple allegories include a reference to Perfect Son superseding Biliński’s previous musical incarnation, Coldair.

Despite Cast’s underwhelming opening, out of respect for Sub Pop many listeners will persist listening to the album. Lead single ‘It’s For Life’ sparks a comparison to the music of fellow Scandinavian, Karin Dreijer. Its opening pits a descending rhythm against a taunt of guitar picking is promising, but when the overly-perfect vocals join the mix 30 seconds in, this composition is pushed into a category best described as ‘slightly edgy Eurovision entry.’