Peking Duk are on Fire, and they’ll never Let You Down

Canberra’s spiciest boys Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles of Peking Duk were in town, ready to get down and sweaty with their Melbourne fans.

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Harry Rae

For support they brought in Melbourne DJ, MIMI, who kicked the night off with a sweetly mixed bag of tunes (you can also spy her cameo in Peking Duk’s ‘Reprisal’video). Hip hop artist Kwame followed to keep up the already buzzing atmosphere. Jack River then treated the room to shimmering dream-pop tracks from her soon-to-be-released debut album Sugar Mountain, while throwing in a cover of Tal Bachman’s ‘She’s So High’ for good measure.
Settling in for a wild and rowdy night, it was time for Hyde and Styles to show punters what was up. The cheeky charmers opened their biggest Melbourne gig yet with certified party mega tune ‘Wasted’. Though the pair were sans matching disco suits and synchronised choreography, the crowd was still hooked. The duo was then joined by SAFIA vocalist Benjamin Joseph for their rock anthem collaboration ‘Say My Name’. From start to finish fans were served up a generous helping of sweet guests, including Peking Duk angel Michaela Baranov who skipped out onstage ready to perform the Icona Pop feature in ‘Let You Down’. It’s hard to play favourites with such an array of diverse yet equally juicy hits, but ‘Let You Down’ is a definite front-runner. The slick set continued with fresh single ‘Distant Arizona’ and ‘Fake Magic’ – another crowd-pleasing party popper. Taking in how seamless and fluid this set was, it’s important to reflect on how far these majestic men have come.
Their decision to build into a live act from DJ sets has only widened their show possibilities and showcases the years of work they’ve put into getting to this point. Their first live show was only last year at Splendour in the Grass, evidently epic enough to score them an ARIA nomination for ‘Best Live Act’. While now witnessing the Wasted Tour, it’s clear Peking Duk have firmly cemented themselves as a cornerstone in Australian live music, ready for new and old Duk mates to forever froth over.
Getting cosy, the DJ kings created an emotional stir with a beautiful crowd singalong of The Killer’s ‘Mr. Brightside’; brought back Kwame; got a little romantic with Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and sandwiched in a mix featuring Post Malone, before throwing it back to 2012, for some old-school beats making up ‘The Way You Are’.
The night was well and truly cooking when Baranov bounced back in to perform the sizzling ‘Fire’. The song title speaks for itself and underpins the feel of the entire night.
Massive tune ‘High’conquered the room and then boom, just like that they were gone. Not for long though, due to the roaring chants for “one more song”. The boys were back with Ben Joseph for ‘Take Me Over’and ended with 2017’s song of the year, ‘Stranger’.
Peking Duk are on Fire, they’ll never Let You Down. If these puns are Wasted on you perhaps this review was too.
Highlight: The crowd lit up with phone lights as Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ played over that ‘Jack, I’m flying’ scene from the Titanic, but with Adam and Reuben’s faces over Jack and Rose’s. So pure, so stunning.
Low light: Overhearing a woman say ‘I can’t believe I just spewed’ (although understandably this is the Wasted Tour…).
Crowd Favourite: ‘Fire’.