PBS Soul-A –Go-Go

Vince Peach (Soul Time)
You host the longest running soul radio show in the world, Soul Time. To what do you attribute soul’s amazing and powerful longevity? It’s lasted so long because the music does the talking. It’s a happy upbeat feel good style of music that makes the foot tap, and the heart sing, and even though the music was made up to half a century ago it still has a relevance today.
How would you describe the atmosphere and vibe of Soul-A-Go-Go? Soul-A-Go-Go is a big happy party, a room filled with people who only need a good solid beat to dance, who are friendly, warm and inclusive.
Miss Goldie (Boss Action)
What about soul and funk draws you to the genre? It's a genre that relied solely on talent, with low production values. The bands had to be tight, the singer on key and the writers had to pen good lyrics with a catchy hook. There is nothing to hide behind.
What do you love about collecting records? I love the idea of holding a record that the band themselves held in their hands. As a collector, I love the hunt of tracking down a rare disc. Because of the sheer volume of soul records pressed in the ‘60s and ‘70s my collection will never be complete. As a radio announcer I love that I can give these bands the airtime that they wanted when they recorded the record.

PBS Soul-A –Go-Go will come to Bella Union on Saturday December 31.