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PBS Drive Live

It's live, it’s local, and it’s coming out of your radio. PBS’ Drive Live is taking over the airwaves for a full week from Monday February 6 to Friday the 10 during drive time. 

Here’s the deal. Three acts, three studios in one Drive Time show, for a full week! Featuring blistering live in-studio performances from a bunch of local talent, there’s sure to have a lot of something for everyone. Acts joining the Drive Live 2012 juggernaut include Graveyard Train, Howl At The Moon and Stella Angelico. There’s a bunch more to be announced. Stay tuned. Literally. PBS members have the exclusive opportunity to come down to PBS and witness the mayhem, in person and uncut. There’s some Coopers freebies to sink, and a fair whack of radio to watch.

You can RSVP from Monday January 23 so keep an eye on their website to get your name on the door, or join the convo on #drivelive.