Pavo Pavo : 'Mystery Hour'

The classically trained Brooklyn musicians adopt moustaches and a cavalier mood on their new album.

Given that Pavo is a constellation, it’s no surprise that this is galactic music. The classically trained Brooklyn musicians adopt moustaches, a cavalier mood and a penchant for sharing the stage with the likes of John Zorn. Yet rather than going into a spin trying to create complex cerebral sounds, the band capture the wistful, times of strolling the streets on summery nights. Pavo is also a wallflower, and similarly sound like the domestic addition that could thrill parents.

‘Mystery Hour’ is impressive with the solid shared vocals of Eliza Bragg and Oliver Hill which are surrounded by the muted retro hooks which can be the antidote for those disenfranchised by current sounds. There is a fully realised emotional heft to this album as everyone seems to be in sync. ‘Close To You Ego’, ‘Around Part 1’ and ‘Around Part 2’ do not let hot water go lukewarm as the band dispatch the listener into the world of ‘70s soft rock. A sound so regressive it becomes fresh and new.

The collective voice of the band extends the space odyssey commenced on their first release Young Narrator In The Breakers and balances intelligence with elegance with their cosmically charged sounds. Whilst not as breathtakingly ambitious as some of their peers or predecessors, Pavo Pavo have produced an album of some considerable beauty and lasting satisfaction. There is momentum here and whilst lacking colossal songs, patience proves a virtue for an enriching listen.