Paul McCartney annnounces new album, releases two new tracks

Return of the Mac.

Paul McCartney is the gift that keeps on giving, announcing his first studio album in five years and releasing a double A-side single.

The two new songs, ‘Come On To Me’ and ‘I Don’t Know’, have been shared following album rumours sparked by a secret performance from McCartney at a Liverpool pub earlier this week. The legendary musician has been teasing new music on social media for days, finally sharing details of new LP Egypt Station with the world.

“I liked the words ‘Egypt Station,’” said McCartney in a press release. “It reminded me of the ‘album’ albums we used to make. Egypt Station starts off at the station on the first song and then each song is like a different station. So it gave us some idea to base all the songs around that. I think of it as a dream location that the music emanates from.”

The new single, which is naturally a double A-side, seems to reflect both sides of McCartney’s songwriting tendencies. ‘Come On To Me’ follows the rock influence of tracks like ‘Call Me Back Again’, while ‘I Don’t Know’ offers a softer piano ballad for those who prefer the sentimental Macca songs like ‘Let It Be’.

McCartney also recently commented on the forthcoming reissue of The Beatles' 1968 double LP, The White Albumtelling DIY that “it’s all in place, I’ve just got a couple of essays [to approve]. It’s all lined up and it’s really good.”

He added that it’s especially nice because the Beatles “were a great little band – I think we can agree on that.”

“The album itself [The White Album] is very cool and it sounds like you’re in the room; that’s the great thing about doing remasters. But we’ve also got some demos of the songs, so you get things stripped right back to just John’s voice and a guitar. You just think, how fucking good was John?! Amazing. We were just doing it; it was amazing. We were having a good time.”

Via Mixdown Magazine