Parsnip are cheeky as ever on their new 7" 'Feeling Small'

The all-girl four-piece produce a brief, but quirky follow-up to Health.

Melbourne’s effervescent four-piece Parsnip have been charming local ‘60s psych-appreciators for the better part of three years and are back with their bubbly new 7” Feeling Small.

Here, they’ve charmed Melbourne’s cavalcade of jangle pop admirers with a twist – their lo-fi, retro rock aesthetic has been seldom explored within contemporary ideals as many current acts strive for uniformity.

Parsnip are out here just having a great time and their undivided friendship carries through in not only their stage charisma but their recordings. 

‘Feeling Small’, the first track lifted from the single, rings the eloquent guitar licks of California’s Allah-Las and consolidates a lyrical giddiness that is, in large part, the reason for their rise. Punters thrive in the merriment of the group and as ‘Feeling Small’ peters out, their cheeky chatter can’t escape listeners’ tender gaze. 

Flip it over and you have ‘Winter’, a catchy garage rock-leaning number which humours the inevitability of the seasonal circuit. There’s a magic here that’s indicative of the band’s environment – the loving acceptance of music creation city-wide sprawls the lyricism and songwriting that is Parsnip. Fantastic work.