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Paper Kites

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Tyson Wray Joined: 13th September 2010
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There seems to be a new band of seasoned quality popping up every day or two in Melbourne; the Paper Kites are one such band. Their star has well and truly been on the rise since releasing a couple of singles and gaining some serious airplay. Guitarist, vocalist and banjo player, Sam Bentley, took some time out to talk about the Corner Hotel, their soon to be released EP, Enid Blyton books, Josh Pyke and nearly vomiting before shows.

You guys are headlining the Corner Hotel. Excited? Nervous? Freaking Out?

“Nah, we’re definitely excited. We took a bit of a break to record the EP so it’s great to be playing in our hometown again and headlining a great venue like The Corner. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t have a few pre-show butterflies but it’s more the anticipation. Christina is the one that usually gets nervous before we play. I remember the last show we did she was literally holding back vomit when we walked up on stage. I think it may have been a stomach bug rather than nerves but she pulled it together.”


What are you looking forward to most about gracing the famous Corner stage?

“We’ve been sitting on these songs for a while so it will be great to finally play them live. I’m sure even the best song writers can get a little nervous when they’re releasing something new to the world. We’ll also be road testing a few newer songs which is always fun.”


Your EP Woodland is being released Monday August 01, are you excited?

“Yeah, we’ve been nesting this EP for a few months now so it’s nice to have an official release date. All in all, we’re all really proud of the work that’s gone into the EP and it will be great to finally get the songs out there. It’s our first official release as a band so it’s a bit of a ‘hello world’ kind of thing.”


Musically, what can people expect from the EP?

“We were very intentional in the way we crafted the EP. I wanted to set the songs out like a storybook where each song is a different chapter. When I was writing the songs I reflected on books I read as a kid; mainly Enid Blyton and Maurice Sendak books. That was where the title Woodland came from; the whole EP is centred on characters that live in a forest. It’s very much ‘a day in the life’ sort of story. The tracks all carry through a very earthy sound, which compliments the idea of woodlands and the mystic, whimsical nature we wanted to capture. If you listen to the new EP and expect to hear a bunch of Bloom sounding songs you may be disappointed.”


In September you’re going to be touring with Josh Pyke.

“We’re very excited about touring with Josh. We’re all fans of his music so it will be great to go on the road with Emma Louise and him. If anything, we’re really excited to play outside of Melbourne. We’ve spent a lot of time working on our presence here and haven’t had the chance to play interstate much. So now we get to do that with one of the most respected writers in Australia. Funnily enough, it wasn’t that long ago Christina and I were watching Josh play at The Palace thinking how great it would be to share the stage with him.”

The Paper Kites launch their EP Woodland at The Corner Hotel this Friday July 22 with Tessa & The Typecast and Ben Abraham.