What’s Paper-Cuts all about? Paper-Cuts is an independently run imprint, discovering and releasing music by friends from home and afar.
Who makes up Paper-Cuts, and how do you complement each other’s sound? The label was established together by Grant Camov and Dylan Batelic after some time working on various music projects with one another.
What genres, places and times do Paper-Cuts draw inspiration from? Having established itself in Melbourne, the first release focuses on two local electronic artists –  Rings Around Saturn and Veranda Culture.
Headphones, house party or live show: what setting are these songs best listened to in and why? During the twilight hours in the comfort of your own home – or a special friend’s.
What would you pair the new release with as a gift this Christmas? Any other works available from both Rings Around Saturn and Veranda Culture (Francis Inferno Orchestra), or a record player if they're yet to have acquired one.

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