Papa Chango

What’s your role in Papa Chango, and how long have you been involved? I play tenor saxophone and have been in the band from the beginning, since about 2006.
Papa Chango blend and combine a variety of genres. Where do you take your inspiration from? Our main inspiration comes from the afro-funk/rock/jazz sound. Originators like Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astatke through to modern curators of those sounds: The Heliocentric, Karl Hector and the Malcouns, The Whitefield Brothers.
What’s it like working as an eight-piece? It’s great in that every time we catch up for a rehearsal it’s like a family gathering. The hard part is finding a time when everyone’s available. I wouldn’t say it’s hard to make decisions, but it can take a bit of time to fully flesh out everyone’s ideas.
You’re slated to play a show at the Coburg Night Markets. What are you looking forward to most? Most of the band lives within three kilometres of Bridges Reserve so it’s great to be playing at our home ground. The night markets always have such a buzzing vibe so it’ll be great to be providing the tunes.
What is the best thing about being involved with a band like Papa Chango? It’s loads of fun. It’s a big band and people are busy but when we get together in a room it’s a blast.

Papa Chango will perform at Coburg Night Market on Friday November 25.