Panda Bear consolidates his psychedelic prowess on ‘Buoys’

The Animal Collective member is one music mastermind.

To this reviewer, it was unfamiliar territory to wander into the world of Panda Bear. His psychedelic prowess takes you off your feet. However, Buoys took you even further, delving deeper into unfamiliar territory.

You are hit instantly with the single ‘Dolphin’ which is a distinctly light song that sets up the whole album quite well. It strips away the fuzziness of his last album Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, and replaces it with simple acoustic guitar samples, matching nicely to his echoed voice, ultimately adding to an eerie but comfortable listen for kids. It demonstrates the Portuguese-based musician having fun with his new sound, making it the best track on the album, alongside other high points ‘Master’ and ‘Cranked’. 

Panda Bear pushes the boundaries even further with the song ‘Inner Monologue’, where there is a notably more stripped back approach. In this song, the guitar is brought to the forefront and has a more experimental feel. As a result, it cements its place as one of the more challenging yet memorable songs on the album. 

In a way, its title does give the album justice, as it is a Buoy of its own in the musician’s catalogue; and like any buoy, it’s designed to stand out.


By Rhys McKenzie